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Plenary Speakers

Jen Wilkin

Jen Wilkin is an author and Bible teacher from Dallas, Texas. She has organized and led studies for women in home, church, and parachurch contexts. An advocate for Bible literacy, her passion is to see others become articulate and committed followers of Christ, with a clear understanding of why they believe what they believe, grounded in the Word of God.

Tara Dew

Tara has loved Jesus for as long as she can remember. She grew up in a Christian home, and even met her husband in the church youth group. Tara & Jamie have now been married for 20 years and have been blessed with two sets of twins, lovingly called “The Dew Krewe”. She has the privilege of serving NOBTS as President’s Wife, spends her days discipling her own kiddos, and teaches in the Ministry Wife certificate program.

Breakout Speakers

Emily Dean

Communicating God’s Word

Communicating God’s Word is essential for outreach and discipleship. Yet what are the most effective means to share the truth of the Gospel? This session will explore how to teach the Bible truthfully, passionately, and clearly to foster spiritual growth.

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Emily Dean serves as Assistant Professor of Ministry to Women at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She and her husband, Dr. Jody Dean, along with their two precious children Lydia and James Robert, live in the New Orleans area where Jody serves as Associate Professor of Discipleship and Ministry Leadership at NOBTS. Passionate about preparing women for ministry leadership, Emily enjoys training women on how to study and teach God’s Word.

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book lover, history buff, NOLA foodie

Kelly King

Building Your Women’s Ministry on the Word

Building a ministry to women in the local church begins with purpose and prayer, but the foundation should always be focused on studying and teaching God’s word. Local ministry isn’t about meeting women’s needs but pointing women to find life’s answers in Scripture and to ultimately bring glory to God. Learn ways to develop your ministry with the essential foundation of Scripture.

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Kelly is the Manager of Magazines/Devotional Publishing and Women’s Ministry Training for Lifeway Christian Resources. She is the author of Ministry to Women: The Essential Guide for Leading Women in the Local Church and has contributed to numerous publications and Bible studies. She is the co-host of Lifeway Women’s Marked podcast. She has a Master of Theology Degree from Gateway Seminary and is currently pursuing her Doctorate of Ministry degree. She and her husband, Vic, live in the Nashville area, but are Oklahomans at heart.

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Pie lover, hiking enthusiast, fan of British dramas

Kathy Litton

The Word of God: An anchor for every storm

Pain, loss and difficulty can thrust us into spiritual storms of doubt, fear, grief or profound weakness. In these spiritually fragile moments our heart and mind need biblical truth as we need to mistrust our feelings and perspectives. The truth of His Word is a strong, true anchor for us as well as those we lead and serve.

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Kathy Litton is a native of Missouri, she now lives in Mobile, AL, with her husband Dr. Ed Litton who is pastor of Redemption Church. Both had their lives take unexpected twists and turns as they lost their former spouses in car accidents. Ed and Kathy share six grown children and eleven grandchildren. She has been a pastor’s wife twice and is the Director of Planter Spouse Development at the NAMB.

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strong coffee only, sport lover, more competitive than a grandmother of 11 should be

Elizabeth Luter

Praying God’s Word

Praying is not an option. It is an absolute necessity. We will spend time in Psalm 119 to find encouragement to develop our prayer lives. We will walk through the Scripture to develop a posture of prayer and commitment to consistency . The Scripture will remind us to pray without ceasing. Join us to discover the rewards of developing this spiritual discipline.

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Elizabeth Luter is a pastor’s wife, mother, grandmother, and retired pharmacist, has a passion for women in the areas of spiritual growth and divine calling. A 1980 graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana, College of Pharmacy, she has also taken several courses at the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. As director of Women’s Ministry at Franklin Avenue Baptist Church, she developed a successful curriculum for women’s classes based on spiritual gifts. Elizabeth also has a written work in the Lifeway Publication entitled “Transformed Lives”, Chris Adams, author. She has served as intercessor and counselor at Lifeway Women’s Living Proof Live events. Elizabeth teaches women’s courses at Lifeway Conference Center in Ridgecrest, NC annually. She and her husband Pastor Fred Luter, Jr. have been featured on the cover of Homelife magazine entitled “A Faith-Full Marriage.” Elizabeth is married to the love of her life, Pastor Fred Luter, Jr., and they have two adult children Kimberly, Fred, III (Chip), a son-in-law, Howard, a daughter-in-law, Jasmine and two grandchildren, Fred, IV (Drew) and Zoe Grace.

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Wears Many Hats, Nurturer of the Flock, Loves a Good Bible Study

Stephanie Lyon

Studying the Bible on Your Own

God’s Word is living and active, and speaks Truth into our lives that will change us when we read and study it. Together, we’ll look at some key tools that anyone, anytime, anywhere, can use when approaching the Word of God, to begin to draw out the meaning of the text and how it applies to your life. Come learn some practical tips that will transform your daily Bible reading to help you discover God’s intent and power behind His Living Word and how it will transform your heart and life each time you study it.

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Stephanie has been serving in women’s ministry leadership for over 20 years. With a passion to teach the Bible, disciple other women, and serve in her local church and overseas, Stephanie has also served as a church-planting pastor’s wife. She has been married to her high school sweetheart, Dr. Larry Lyon, the VP of Enrollment and Associate Professor of Ethics at NOBTS and Leavell College, for over 18 years and they are the adoring parents of three daughters, ages 15, 12, and 6.

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Foodie, Travel-Lover, Girl-Mom

Diane Nix

The Secret Life of a Ministry Wife

The life of a ministry wife can be daunting or emboldening. Ministry will take you to the heights of spiritual victory (yours and others) and the lowest valleys of defeat, depression, and discouragement! There will be days of great joy, and there are going to be days of deep sorrow but take heart Jesus has called you. He will celebrate with you and call those days of joy to mind when the days of grief come. There are some secrets that hold us fast when we can’t see what the future holds. Join Diane and others as we discuss a few secrets that encourage us to “press on” when life seems to press in!

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“Diane is the director and founder of Contagious Joy 4 Him, a network of encouragement to ministry wives around the globe. They are offering “Free Refresh Retreats” and a safe place for ministry wives to share their hearts with other like-minded women. Thirty-eight years ago, she married her husband, pastor/professor, Dr. Preston Nix.  He is a professor of evangelism and evangelistic preaching at NOBTS. They have two biological daughters, two spiritual-grown daughters, two grands, and two son’s in-laws. Diane’s life bears the scars of addiction, abuse, loss, and dysfunction. She remembers being drawn to spiritual things. Searching for the One who could bring peace, she found her Savior, Jesus Christ! And soon after her salvation, she surrendered to ministry. She has never looked back!
Diane has lost all material possessions on two different occasions. Once by a house fire and another by Hurricane Katrina. She has survived a life-threatening illness, with aftereffects that still impact her today. A speaker and author of the book, When God’s Woman Wants to Give Up! Diane sheds light on “never giving up” amid trials. She is also a contributing author to LifeWay’s Ministry to Women blog, and most recently Broadman and Holman’s Daily Devotional for Women and The Psalms and Proverbs Devotional for Women. Co-Author of a Year Long Daily Devotional for Women – “Living in the Overflow.” (Released Fall 21) She is an author, speaker, vlogger, and blogger. Connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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sea shell scavenger/tex-mex connoisseur

Kathy Steele

Comforting Others with God’s Word

God’s Word gives us great comfort, and can be a source of wonderful comfort for others. Sensitivity to what we share, who we share it with, and how we share is a crucial part of the effectiveness of comforting others with God’s Word.

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Kathy has been a part of the NOBTS Counseling faculty since 2005. Before coming to New Orleans, she and her family served with the IMB for 20 years in Central America. She has a passion for discipleship and for helping hurting people. Kathy has two children, Kristi Steele Griem and David Steele, and three grandchildren.

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