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My name is Emily Dean, and I serve as Assistant Professor of Ministry to Women at NOBTS and Leavell College.

Let me tell you a little bit about my seminary journey…
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First, I want you to know I’m so glad that you have chosen to connect with us to see what great options we have for preparation in ministry leadership. We want you to know that if God is calling you to prepare for ministry service, we invite you to come and study with us! We have women preparing for a variety of ministries in all of our disciplines from the doctoral to undergraduate levels.
As a college student, two words found in Matthew 4:19 changed the direction of my life. “Follow me.” I knew then that God was calling me to leave all of my plans behind to follow His plans instead. Praying about what to do next upon graduation, I had no idea what God had planned for me, only a firm conviction that God had called me to be prepared to serve Him in whatever direction He led. It was both exciting and terrifying! Despite my clear inadequacies in the walk of faith, God continued to guide me faithfully each step of the way. God led me to study and prepare for ministry, and then He showed me over time how He would use that preparation to serve Him.
Maybe God has placed a clear direction on your heart, or maybe you find yourself in a situation where you don’t know exactly what kind of calling God has placed before you. Perhaps like me, you feel a passion to disciple women through God’s word. You may have a burden to minister to children or adolescents through the local church or through social work or counseling. Maybe God has given you a heart for the nations or to serve the least of these. My encouragement to you is this, take advantage of every opportunity you can to prepare yourself to serve anywhere God may call you. As a woman, naturally you will find yourself in many situations where you will be ministering to other women. Our Ministry to Women program is here to prepare you for those opportunities. Whether you choose ministry to women as a full degree specialization or certificate or take a few classes as electives, we offer a variety of degree programs that combine solid theological foundations with practical application.
At NOBTS and Leavell College, there is a place at the table for you. We look forward to connecting with you!

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At NOBTS & Leavell College women are welcome to take any degree program we have.

Below are a few tailored specifically for women in ministry


• Ph.D. (catalog)

• Ed.D. (catalog)

• D.Min. (catalog)

• D.Edmin. (catalog)

• D.M.A. (catalog)


• M.Div. in Christian Education (catalog)

• M.Div. in Ministry to Women (catalog)

• M.A. in Christian Education

• M.A. in Ministry to Women (catalog)

• M.A. in Discipleship (catalog)

• M.A. in Ministry Leadership (catalog)


• B.A. in Ministry to Women (catalog)

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Meet some of our Alumni and check out what they are doing now!

Kristie Pearce Roberts | Nairobi, Kenya
Missionary at IMB
MDiv Psychology & Counseling

Beth Masters | Mississippi
State Director of Chaplains at Mississippi Department of Corrections
MDiv, PhD

Stephanie A. Golden Friend | Louisiana
Staff Chaplain at Baptist Community Ministries

Savannah Clary | South Carolina
Team Member at Fellowship of Christian Athletes
MA Christian Education

Hyuna Franklin | Louisiana
Executive Director at Community Center for Life
BA, MA Theology

Sally Smith | Louisiana
Clinical Director at Restoration Counseling
MA, PhD Counselor Educationa nd Supervision

Leah Brown | Lima, Peru
Missionary at IMB
MA Missiology

Kayleigh White | Louisiana
Assistant Director at Baptist Friendship House
MA Church and Community Ministry

Sarah Robinson | Kentucky
Women’s Ministry & Transition Consultant at Kentucky Baptist Convention
ThM, PhD Leadership (in progress)

Laura Hamilton Hui | Louisiana
Executive Ministry Director at Metairie Church
MA Biblical Studies, PhD (in process)

Jess Archer | South Carolina
Executive Director-Treasurer at South Carolina Woman’s Missionary Union
MDiv Urban Missions

Katie Orr | Florida
Author of Secrets of the Happy Soul and other books
MA Discipleship

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We think theological education is important for women! Read an article written by Dr. Emily Dean and Dr. Tara Dew in the latest issue of Journal for Theology and Ministry

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