Now, with Thrive+, you can satisfy the spouse requirement for serving overseas.


In addition to the 8 Thrive classes, Thrive+ students will take these additional 4 classes:

Old Testament Survey


New Testament Survey


Biblical Theology of Womanhood


Christian Ministry and Missions


To serve with the IMB, Missionary Apprentice spouses must also have at least 12 hours formal biblical/theological education. Those hours may come through undergraduate, graduate, or Seminary Wives programs. Those hours must include: Old Testament (3 hrs), New Testament (3 hrs), Systematic Theology (3 hrs), and a ministry-related elective (3 hrs).

“Seminary has always felt like something for the pastors, but Thrive has given the wives an opportunity to learn and relate to one another. Being a part of the Thrive program has given me more confidence to serve along side my husband.

Rebecca M

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