My name is Stephanie Lyon, and I am the Women’s Life Coordinator at NOBTS & Leavell College, and I lead Together. I’m so glad you’re here!

Together exists to create life-giving spaces for all women of NOBTS and Leavell College to regularly connect with one another, be strengthened in their walk with Christ, and encouraged as they serve in ministry.

“No matter what season of life I have been in, the women in Together have been there to listen, pray, encourage, give wisdom, and walk alongside me.”

- Savannah K.

What is Together?

Together is the name of Women’s Life programs at NOBTS and Leavell College.

We created together to connect all of the women that God has brought to our school during this unique season of ministry and preparation.

Whether a college, masters or PhD student; staff member; ministry wife; faculty member or faculty wife — there is a place for you here, and we greatly desire to know you and connect you with other sisters in Christ during your time here.

Meet the Together Team

The Together leadership team reflects our value and heart for the diversity among the NOBTS and Leavell College family.

Our team consists of women from various ethic backgrounds who are college students, Seminary students, staff members, single ladies and married women who are passionate about Jesus and seeing His Kingdom come here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

We celebrate the beauty of diversity within the Body of Christ, so no matter your age, stage or station of life, you are valued here and have a “seat at our table.” 

 For such a time as this…

For such a time as this, God has brought each one of us to this beloved institution, from all different walks of life, ethnicities, family dynamics, ministry experiences, and a variety of cultures.

He desires for us to be “iron sharpening iron” for one another, to collaborate together for Kingdom-advancing purposes, and to draw genuine fellowship and encouragement from one another along the way.

We long to engage with one another in authentic and transparent ways, sharing both our joys and struggles, and making much of Christ in each circumstance.

What to Expect

During the academic school year, Together will meet monthly for a large group gathering designed for all of our women to enjoy being together

Expect the Word to be central in our gatherings. 

Come ready to enjoy lots of yummy treats, great conversations, idea-sharing, and feeling spurred on by like-minded sisters.  

Ladies, be prepared to leave with a new friend or two and an encouraged heart. 

We pray that our time together be like an oasis in a desert, a balm to our souls, a source of great joy and sharpening and fun, and a place where life-long friendships and Gospel partnerships are formed and fanned into flame.

In addition to our monthly Together gatherings, there will be a variety of Women’s Rec activities and multiple opportunities to gather with other women in your season of life. 

Follow along with our yearly schedule for opportunities to:

Learn together

Grow together

Laugh together

Pray together

Serve together

Due to Covid-19, if you plan to attend an event, you must register first. Once registration opens for each event below, you’ll see a “register” link next to its date. Click that to register.

Stay in the Loop!

Here’s the 2020-2021 schedule for Together

August 28 (Friday) – 6pm or 8pm
Welcome to Together (more info)
Meet at the Chapel porch. Sign up for Childcare (6p only).
September 3 (Thursday) – 6:45-7:45am 
Colossians Bible Study (Colossians 1)
In the cafeteria.
September 23 (Wednesday) – 3:30-4:30pm 
Lemonade on the Lawn with Tara Dew
October 1 (Thursday) – 6:45-7:45am
Colossians Bible Study (Colossians 2)
In the cafeteria.
October 2 (Friday) – 12pm
Women in Scholarship Luncheon
Creole room.
October 3 (Saturday) – 9am
Urban Hike / Prayer walk in the city
November 2 (Monday) – 6pm (REGISTER)
Cooking Lessons with River City Cafe: GUMBO
Registration required.
November 5 (Thursday) – 6:45-7:45am (REGISTER)
Colossians Bible Study (Colossians 3)
In the cafeteria.
November 14 (Saturday) – morning
Campus Holiday Market
December 3 (Thursday) – 6:45-7:45am (REGISTER)
Colossians Bible Study (Colossians 4)
In the cafeteria. 
December 4 (Friday) – 6pm
Christmas Campus Tour of Homes
Childcare offered.
December 12 (Saturday) – Morning
Serve the City: Toys for Tots Drive
January 22 (Friday) – 6pm
Together gathering
In the Leavell College lobby (HSC). Childcare offered.
February 8 (Monday)
Cooking Lessons with River City Cafe
Registration required.
February 19-20 (Friday – Saturday)
ABIDE Conference
March 29 (Monday) – 6pm
Together gathering
In the Leavell College lobby (HSC). Childcare offered.
April 29 (Thursday)
Beignets at City Park


Connecting Together

Stephanie and Tara address many of the common questions that women often face, with both a Biblical focus and practical tips.

While these videos were filmed during the 2020 Spring quarantine of Covid-19, they are pertinent and applicable no matter life’s circumstances.

We hope they sharpen and encourage your heart in the Lord.

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